In addition to the reputation of being a ´quantity´ producer in terms of volume of production, MPIIPL is also known for maintaining highest ´quality´ standards for its entire line of products. Its production processes are governed by stringent quality norms as per ISO 9001:2000 guidelines. Its raw material procurement policy is guided more by quality factors than cost factors.

MPIIPL’s Quality Policy states:

Manchukonda Prakasham Industries India Pvt Ltd (MPIIPL) is the world’s largest manufacturer of Pre-Stressed Cement Concrete (PSCC) poles, headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Adhering to both domestic and international quality standards, MPIIPL’s extensive factory network supports the timely delivery of large orders, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

MPIIPL has implemented rigorous quality policies and procedures aimed at excellence, earning the ISO 9001:2015 Certification from QMS, with ISI certification currently in progress.

With a commitment to continual improvement, MPIIPL’s dedicated and highly skilled team, supported by technical and quality control personnel, consistently advances technology to fulfill client expectations.

ISO 9001

Statistical Quality Control

All the raw materials such as fine and coarse aggregates, cement, admixture, HTS wire, RO water are tested for quality compliance before they get into production. In process quality check parameters such as moisture content, wire pre-tension, TDS, Steam Pressure, Temperature and others are continuously monitored to achieve quality standards set by the company.

Concrete Testing

The concrete mix of various BOMs are tested for their compression tests using Cube Tests. The concrete testing is a continuous process. The tests are carried out whenever a new type aggregates or cement or admixture are introduced or when steam pressure / temperature are altered.

Pole Testing

The manufactured poles are tested for estimating cracking strength and breaking strength. Having matured and superior production engineering practice in place, Manchukonda poles exhibit very high performance in terms of both compressive and tensile strengths of pre-stressed poles.
Pole Testing