MPIIPL owes its success primarily to the unstinted support given by its satisfied customers. It believes in serving it’s customers for life time – be it offering quality, price, performance and convenience. Its track record in keeping it’s customers for life time has made it the undisputed market leader in South Asia. It enjoys the reputation of being a credible and capable vendor to all its customers. Its customers include very large corporate buyers to very small retail buyers.

MPIIPL’s customer segments are broadly classified into: Government , Corporate and Retail. The Government segment includes government controlled State Electricity Boards and Power Distribution Companies. The Corporate segment covers all major companies that take up large projects in the power transmission and distribution sector. The retail segment includes all those contractors who buy poles in small quantities for the purpose erecting new poles or replacing old pole

The partial list of key customers in the government and corporate segment are listed below. These buyers are typically very large buyers.


MPIIPL is known for its quality and volume of dispatch. The customers are so satisfied with MPIIPL that they continue to place repeat orders with the latter.

Case Studies

MPIIPL has the reputation of being a reliable supplier of large quantities of poles in shortest possible time on-demand whenever the cyclones devastate the country and uproot all the concrete poles putting the affected areas in darkness.

Hudhud Cyclone

Manchukonda Prakasham Industries played a stellar role in supplying thousands of poles for restoring distribution power Infrastructure in coastal Andhra Pradesh affected by HUDHUD cyclone in October 2014. The company proved its mettle as a credible supplier of poles in LARGEQUANTITY (43,500 poles) in SHORTESTPOSSIBLETIME (13 days).


Gaja Cyclone

Gaja Cyclone hit Tamil Nadu coastal areas in November 2018.  The affected areas were the districts of NagappattinamThanjavurThiruvarurPudukottaiKaraikalTrichy and Ramanathapuram. Thousands of electric poles, and hundreds of  transformers / substations were destroyed by the cyclone. The company supplied around 1,00,000 poles in few weeks for restoration of power in affected areas. This is one of the largest supplies delivered by the company in the recent past.


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