Manufacturing and supply of PSCC poles by large volume in India

With a production capacity of more than 1.5 million PSCC Poles per year we supply all over India.
Manufacturing and supply of PSCC poles by loans from vendors
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What we do

Manufacturing of PSCC Poles

The poles are produced by pouring concrete into molds fitted with pre-stressed steel wire reinforcements and followed by compacting and curing.

Logistics Services

Mostly, the company runs its own fleet of trucks for inbound and outbound logistics operations. Sometimes, the company hires trucks wherever their own trucks are not available. 

SPUN Poles and PILES

Manchukonda Prakasham Industries India Private Limited, a market leader in pre-stressed cement concrete flat poles in India


Case Studies

We are the most reliable supplier to power distribution companies in case of natural disasters

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Our Clients


First Best Entrepreneur

Mr.Manchukonda Prakasham, promoter of MPIIPL, has been given the coveted ´Pearls of Andhra Pradesh´ award as First Best SSI Entrepreneur for ´Par Excellence´ by the Chief Minister of Government of Andhra Pradesh for the year 2003-2004.

Manchukonda Award


MPIIPL is known for its quality and volume of dispatch. The customers are so satisfied with MPIIPL  that they continue to place repeat orders with the latter.